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ENT in Children


The most occuring problem – concerning ENT – in children, especially at the age of 1-5 years are the so-called „polyps“. These are not poyps, at all. Actually these „adenoids“ are of the same texture like the tonsils. You find them kind of at the end of the inner nose. When a young child´s immune system gets into contact with the environment the adenoids grow (the same could happen / happens with the tonsils). But whenever they get that big, that a child can´t breath properly through the nose (snores, eats less, problems with bronchia) and gets problems with the ears (hearing loss for example), because the way to the middle-ear is blocked (eustachian tube) and the middle-ear is full of mucus,

then it´s time for the adenoidectomy (taking of the adenoids) and / or the paracentesis (a little cut in the eardrum to take out the mucus) and maybe – depending on the consistence of the mucus – installing a grommit (usually for ½ a year). This treatment is very important, because the children need their hearing to learn how to speak!! But before the operation one always have to check, whether a child has an allergy (see above). More or less children or twens and teens can have the same diseases (in ENT) like the adults. In the article we are just mentioning the most frequent at the age 1-5.


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