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Diseases concerning the nose and sinuses


A blocked nose can be a problem. Either because the patient has to fly back and can´t equalize properly (see above „baro-trauma“) or because of that he/she snores and/or has got permanent problems with his throat, tonsilles or lungs. We will find out whether your problem is a permanent (anatomical) problem or because of an allergy or because of problems in the sinuses. For each disease there are different tests to find out and cure the problem:

  • anatomical: with the help of an endoscope and the rhinomanometria – a „tiny“ intervention (RF= radio-frequency-therapy) can solve the problem (for example of a permanent blocked nose and snoring) which also makes the partner happy again!!


  • allergy: we have a special so called „test kit“ . With this we can find out what kind of substance the patient is allergic to (dust mite, mold, olive-tree, cat-hair, just to mention some of the allergenics). Then it is possible to cure the problems of the allergy (blocked nose, snoring etc). By the way: it is very important to find out about an allergy, because allergies can cause asthma in the long term.

  • sinuses: with the help of an ecografia and / or DVT (digital volume tomografia) the ENT Doctor can find out about problems in the sinuses of a patient (caused by polypes or problems with the upper teeth)– which again can cause problems in the nose, throat or even ears.


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