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Young woman physician with stethoscope prescribing treatment

Nearly every patient needs a bill for his insurance company.

This bill you have to pay the same day. You do not have to pay cash. We also take creditcards.

  • Patients with a  private insurance. They submit the bill to their  insurance company. The private insurance company refunds the amount to the patient.
  • Patient without a private insurance. These insurance companies have to refund the amount you would have had to pay in the practice of your doctor in Germany. The difference amount would refund the travel health insurance.
    Basically all people who travel should conclude a travel health insurance!
    What some patients do not know: if you have a gold card (credit card) a travel health insurance mostly is automatically included!
  • You are not charged directly, if your insurance company is DKV residentes (top health or mundisalud) or Mutua de Catalunya.


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